At MAT Friction, we are a vertically integrated company meaning we design, test, and produce all of the system components of the brake pad. This includes shims, powder coated back plates, the under layer as well as our proprietary friction materials. MAT Friction's shim division, headquartered in Denmark, is a global leader in shim and back plate technology and manufacturing. Bendix incorporates this division's product technology in each and every brake set. Roulunds Braking, a MAT Holdings’ company and headquartered in Denmark, is a world leader in friction materials and each Bendix brake set is developed and tested using Roulund's proprietary friction materials.

Globally, MAT Holdings Inc. has facilities in the USA, China, Denmark and India. Our shim division is an OE / OES and IAM supplier for back plates and anti-noise shims and utilizes 13 Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) dynamometers for testing globally and is continuously researching and developing new shim technology for the braking industry from our Denmark R&D facility. Our shim facility in India manufactures the shims and back plates where they are then mated to our under layer and friction materials produced in one of our three friction material facilities.

Vertical Integration
Since establishing shim manufacturing in 2002, today we produce over 350 million shims annually. In addition, our anti-noise technology makes us a leader in the industry supplying shims to many global OE braking manufacturers as well as to the aftermarket.
Our shim division's back plates are powder coated to OE standards and help reduce corrosion and rust, even in extreme weather conditions. Our back plates are produced from raw steel materials and stamped at our India facility along with our shims and under layer.
Friction Materials
Our friction materials are developed and tested in Denmark and manufactured globally. We manufacture over 160 million pieces of premium friction brake pads, shoes or friction lining annually. We produce OE like product with OE slot, chamfers and loose accessory hardware when requested.

The under layer of the brake pad is the metal plate that adheres the friction of the brake pad to the backing plate, typically by rivets or a high tensile industrial strength adhesive used in the braking industry.


ROULUNDS BRAKING, MAT Friction’s R&D arm, works with our OE partners in Europe to develop new and high performing friction materials as part of our commitment to quality, performance and vehicle safety. All new raw materials are analyzed in our quality laboratories and combined in our pilot plant, where we finalize production methods and further optimize the formulation. These formulations are then tested and proven with our OE Partners and subsequently incorporated into the BENDIX aftermarket products. All BENDIX and OE/OES products undergo rigorous testing, which include material shear tests, NVH tests, simulated city driving tests, real life track testing, FMVSS and LINK.


Bendix has been keeping drivers safe by providing quality brake products since 1924. The Bendix brand is manufactured by MAT Holdings, a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of brake products located in Long Grove, Illinois.


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